What Should My child wear?

At Performanze, we do have a school uniform to ensure that the students can practice safely and efficiently. Our uniform is colour coded by age group and you can find details of how to purchase a uniform on our Uniform page.

New to Performanze? Don't panic! Please just send your child in something they can move in and a pair of hard shoes for tap (i.e. trainers) which can be removed for ballet. This will be great until their new uniform arrives. 

How do i sign up?

If you are new to dance and just want to see whether your child will like it, contact us for a complimentary class today. We offer a complimentary class as we know the importance of children discovering what they enjoy without the pressure of having to commit to an entire term. 

 You've done your first class and you loved it? FANTASTIC. During your trial class, you will have received a piece of paper to fill out with all your details. Fill this in, bring it back to your teacher and you will be all good to go. This form will tell us everything we need to know to get you set up. Or register online here.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due on the 20th of every month for the NEXT month.
For example: All classes October 1 - 31, will be paid with your September 20th tuition fee.

What happens if we miss a class?

Because we are membership group, if you miss a class you are more than welcome to join another class during the week (within the same colour group).

​What if we move or cannot attend anymore?

We require 1 months notice in writing before we can cancel a membership.

Will I have to pay extra for workshops?

At Performanze, we have a membership system, which means that our guest workshops are included in your termly fee: this gives the children opportunities to learn other styles of dance and develop new skills.

can we bring a friend?

Absolutely! We encourage children to make friends at the school and will always welcome more smiling faces.